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Too many marketers are missing out on social as a means to grow email lists through invitations to sign up for exclusive privileges and competitions.

Source: EuroMail: Forget Likes And Shares — Use Social To Grow Email Lists


The first thing to understand about content strategy is that no two people understand it the same way. It’s a relatively new — and extremely broad — discipline with no single definitive definition. A highly informative Knol on content strategy defines it as follows: “Content strategy is an emerging field of practice encompassing every aspect […]

Source: Content Strategy Within The Design Process – Ceros Blog

A great email follow-up can help retailer and B2B brands close more business. See how 4 highly successful companies have mastered the art of the email.

Source: The Lost Art of the Email Follow-Up – Ceros Blog

The Rise of Subject Line Designers? – Salesforce Blog.

Using symbols in subject lines can be very effective. Check rendering on all platforms to ensure your readers get a consistent experience. And do not overuse them. As with any marketing ploy, too much repetition robs you of the attention garnered from uniqueness.

via The Rise of Subject Line Designers? – Salesforce Blog.



Top Web Design Trends Your Business Should Implement for 2015 | OPEN Forum.


Love the Storytelling apps.

The ultimate mobile email statistics overview.


Kudos to Jordie van Rijn for compiling all these statistics on mobile email! A terrific resource.

The ultimate mobile email statistics overview

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