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Pinterest as a focus for marketers

New marketing avenues seem to open every day, in spite of “social fatigue” on the part of consumers. And now, there is an agency that specializes in Pinterest: Pingage.



Retail Email Marketers Rapidly Adopting Pinterest

Get this:

“Since mid-February, the percentage of major retailers that have used their email programs to promote their activity on Pinterest has grown from nothing to 24%, as of Apr. 18. … Pinterest seems destined to overtake YouTube as the No. 3 social network promoted in retailers’ emails over the next couple of weeks.”


“Considering that Pinterest emulates window shopping at the most dynamic mall ever, it’s no surprise that retailers are finding success there. And with the failure of f-commerce to take off, Pinterest may very well deliver the direct contribution to sales that retailers hoped Facebook would deliver.”

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MediaPost Publications Retail Email Marketers Rapidly Adopting Pinterest 04/24/2012.

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